Educational Philosophy

Dreams Daycare Center’s educational philosophy emphasizes the following:
* The early childhood years are the most important developmental years of a person’s life.
* Early childhood curriculum should focus on the whole child, enhancing all areas of development: Emotional, Social, Cognitive and Physical.
* Children learn through activities that allow for exploration, discovery and interaction with their natural environment.
* Children learn best at their own pace within a nurturing environment that provides developmentally appropriate activities.
* “Children Live What They Learn.” Learning environments should facilitate character development and self-esteem. All children should be respected, accepted and loved regardless of his or her behavior.



     Dreams Day care teachers and staff strive to create and maintain a safe, loving, and supportive environment in which all children at different developmental stages can grow and succeed. We are dedicated in providing exceptional care to facilitate all areas of a child’s development. Teachers will be implementing the “Creative Curriculum” and “Kindness Curriculum” (character development-based), both of which are approved by the Early Learning Coalition. Teachers will implement developmentally appropriate lesson plans and offer creative, open-ended activities with hands-on experiences. Teachers are required to submit their lesson plans each week for review by the Director. Weekly lesson plans will be posted on the parent information bulletin board located in each classroom. We welcome and encourage you to take the time to look over the activities your child will be participating in throughout the week.